Directed by Jeff Fowler from a screenplay by Patrick Casey, Josh Miller and Oren Uziel Sonic the Hedgehog is an adaptation based on the popular video game from Sega. The game centers around Sonic as a rural town bands together to help him escape from the government.

Toruk's Take

You would be hard pressed to find a kid who played video games in the 90’s who didn’t play Sonic The Hedgehog at one point in their lives. The game was extremely popular and fun to boot.

Given all that I admit, not once in my life have I wanted nor pondered the idea of creating a live-action film based off of the engaging exploits of the hyper-speeding spiny blue Erinaceinae.

I think I now know why.

This trailer looks like a bad dream. From the poorly-chosen Coolio music to the reveal of a camera mugging spectacularly unfunny Jim Carrey (Trump Derangement Syndrome is often a fatal disease). Instead of humorous he comes off mean and tired looking, as if he’s spent all night furiously painting obsequious works of ‘art’ in the name of social justice.

Sonic looks like a non-character, devoid of everything and Cyclops (James Marsden) is just trying to hold on long enough to obtain his next role. Though I admit he looks more rugged in this than he did in X-men, which is a shame. I blame Bryan Singer, for that and all the ills of the world. Screw you Singer.

This looks bad from the bottom to the top, outlining a simple truth that Hollywood has yet to acknowledge….some movies should never, ever happen.

Sonic The Hedgehog starring Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Jim Carrey, Adam Pally and Neal McDonoughy rolls its way into theaters November 8th, 2019.

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