Some 4th of July Movie Picks For Those Who Love America

    It’s the 4th of July and for movie buffs there is no better way to celebrate that than by getting your patriotic jolt from films that highlight just how awesome America is. I picked a few flicks that I think fit the bill for a day like today. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few movies that remind me of why I love this country so much.

    The Patriot

    This film was panned for its historical inaccuracies regarding the American Revolutionary war but we’ll forgive that because, well, it stars Mel Gibson. 1776 was the birth of the greatest nation on earth and there is no better way to celebrate this than by watching a movie about future Americans kicking some British fanny.  Even if that American is umm, Australian.

    Independence Day

    When nefarious aliens come a calling on planet “earf’ Americans lead the charge to send these tentacle-flapping invaders with bad coding skills back to the butt-crack of the universe. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum bring the action and comedy in this feel good sci-fi classic.


    A lot of men and woman died to make America the great country that it is today. With another Civil War looming on the horizon it’s important to remember that. With people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Colin Kaepernick trying their best to divide us based on our differences a film like 1989’s Glory shows people with differences giving their lives in an effort to bring us together. This Civil War film features whites and blacks fighting and dying side-by-side not because they believed America was bad…but because they believed that America could be great, and they were right.

    Team America: World Police

    They’re puppets, they’re American, and one of their primary enemies is the Film Actors Guild F.A.G. This one’s a no-brainer folks. This comedy from Trey Parker and Matt Stone about a counter-terrorist police force hits pretty much everyone including America but ultimately concedes that America’s heart is in the right place.

    G.I. Joe The Movie (1986)

    You do not get more American than G.I. Joe baby. Many of us patriots walking the planet bought the toys and watched the cartoon growing up. We participated in the Capitalist process and were rewarded with an infusion of Red, White, and Blue into our blood streams. That’s what I call a fair exchange of goods. If Sgt Slaughter dropping an elbow on Nemesis Enforcer yelling “And this is for the U.S. of A!” doesn’t put a smile on your face you’re probably a commie.

    Saving Private Ryan

    Finally, we leave off with a movie about the greatest American generation. Those who fought in World War II. Freedom is not free. It comes with a price. If the past few years have shown us nothing else it has shown us that freedom is constantly under attack and those who love and cherish freedom and liberty must be willing to give their lives like these men did. We must be willing to make that sacrifice so that those who come after us can walk openly in the daylight free from tyranny and authoritarianism.

    Regardless of what some might say, America is still the land of the free and home of the brave. We need to keep it that way.

    Happy 4th of July Americans.


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