A Short Word Regarding The Mara Jade Rumor…

    So, apparently a casting notice for Star Wars: Episode IX was placed looking for a female lead, 40-50 years old, to play the role of “Mara”. Naturally, the internet went abuzz with the notion that the famous EU character and wife to Luke Skywalker himself, Mara Jade, will finally be making her feature film appearance.

    I’ve never the read the EU (Extended Universe) but the character’s popularity is so strong that her story found me dozens of times without me ever looking for it. Even from the periphery, I could tell why the character was so beloved and that if she were to be brought into the Star Wars movie universe properly she would be a big hit.

    Created by Timothy Zahn and introduced in his book Heir to the Empire (1991) Jade was a strong, flawed, complex character. She was given a sharper, more sarcastic manner than say, Princess Leia, and..she started out as a bad guy.

    “Mara, with her attitude and her Jedi skills, is just plain fun to write, especially when she’s in opposition—or in partnership—with Luke.” — Timothy Zahn

    The odds of this being true are very slim but it would be just the kind of maneuver I would expect from J. J. Abrams. who will be helming Episode IX.

    While I despise Jar Jar with a fiery passion. I do not let that hate allow me to assume he is dumb in any way. He’s a crafty little bastard, something one should always remember when assessing his actions. Abrams has seen that the Star Wars franchise is balancing on a delicate peak these days. Many of the hardcore fans are not even close to happy campers and the SJW fetishist who love to wax poetic about ‘inclusivity’ and the bastardization (they call it improvement) of beloved properties pockets do not run nearly as deep as they like to believe. One more crappy Star Wars movie from Disney and we could seriously, seriously be looking at a Transformers-like downfall. An abandonment of the property en-masse as it is forever tossed onto the junkpile of fallen movie franchises.

    Mara Jade is a female…but she is the kind of female that all Star Wars fans could get behind. She has been around for decades and has earned her stripes among the conservatives and hard-core fans. The SJWs, who couldn’t give a fig amout meritocracy would fawn over her simply because she has a pair of breasts. The only thing that would make them happier is if she were not white. Nonetheless, making her the lead in this movie would force both worlds to come together again creating yet another stellar box office for Disney Wars. The one handicap in this whole deal is the absence of Luke…but that might not be enough to hold back this film’s success.

    With all that said…I pray to all that’s holy and sacred this is just a rumor.

    I want Star Wars to die. I resent the notion that these movie hacks would dare tap into the work of those more talented than they to keep this rotting carcass afloat.

    No…I hope it’s not true. Stick to your usually craptastic ideas Abrams…and let Disney Star Wars die the death it rightfully deserves.


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