Sekiro’s Difficulty Debate Spawns New Memes

    FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a difficult game. I know this from personal experience as I spent an entire night desperately trying to master the deflect mechanic against one of the earlier bosses in the game “Lady Butterfly” whom I now call Lady “Bootyfly”. To me this was just a case of another typical “Souls” game, hard as hell but eh it is what it is. Little did I know the internet was using this game as kindle-wood to fuel the fire in the great gaming debate concerning “how hard is too hard?” and “should this game be more accessible?”.

    Twitter user Fetusberry unknowingly would further set keyboards ablaze in a response to a story from PC Gamer using a mod to beat Sekiro’s final boss saying:

    The Tweet took off with over 20,000 likes spawning quite a few memes out of it usually in video games where the player uses some form of shortcut to complete a task.


    Fetusberry couldn’t predict the explosion of memes or responses. Seems that at first he may have felt a way about it but now definitely doesn’t mind the attention.

    While the heated debates will undoubtedly continue its nice to see people can still take the time to enjoy a good joke every now and then.

    Source: Twitter, PCGamer

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