Sooo…according to Variety the director of the first (and pretty darn good) Doctor Strange film, Scott Derrickson (who also directed Sinister and The Day the Earth Stood Still) won’t be directing the next installment as scheduled due to ‘creative differences’.

I would be really curious to see what these difference were that this guy would walk away from this. He has to have some sense of ownership in how well the character Doctor Strange was received so it had to be pretty bad for him to give up another shot to bring him to life.

I wonder if it had to do with the ‘woke’ quota being too much bear. That’s my going theory at the moment. It has to be almost unbearable to try to put out a compelling, creative product when you’re tasked with checking a bunch of moronic diversity and inclusion check-boxes.

Oh I’m sure Derrickson is pretty woke, I don’t know for certain but the odds are good given that he works in Hollywood. But, he is also pretty talented and sooner or later merit is going to come into conflict with ‘equity’ and virtue-signaling.

Perhaps in time we’ll learn more….stay tuned.