DOCTOR SLEEP – Official Teaser Trailer


Directed and written by Mike Flanagan Doctor Sleep is based off of the novel of the same name and follows Dan Torrance, now an adult and struggling alcoholic, who must help a young girl named Abra Stone who is being hunted by psychic vampires known as the True Knot.

Toruk's Take

Wow. That is unfortunate. I truly did enjoy the novel. I thought it was a fitting cap to the The Shining story. It truly is unfortunate that stunt casting and an insertion of a tired agenda will mar this adaptation attempt. I’m disappointed with Flanagan but after seeing the Haunting of Hill House I can’t say I’m surprised.

Honestly, the sickness of these liberals to virtue signal because they think that everyone else is “racist” is despicable. Let us make blue-eyed blonde-haired Abra black and if anyone has a problem with it, it is because they don’t like black people, or women, or trans folk.

So exhausting.

Instead of working hard to get the story right you were working hard to to be political and make no mistake about it, the story will suffer for it. I know for one thing this stunt casting took me right out of the trailer and made the proceedings immediately silly and dubious.

They pulled the same nonsense in the profoundly bad NOS4A2 series on AMC and the spectacularly awful Castle Rock on HULU. These series are horrible and anyone who thinks otherwise has been huffing car exhaust fumes.

I can’t say the hypocrisy of people like Stephen King doesn’t amuse me. Why didn’t he make Abra black in the novel if it was so important to him? If inclusivity and diversity were such burning topics for him why not add a few lines of description to let us know in the novel so we could bask in his progressive light? Was he not so enlightened back in 2013?

Maybe if someone out there bumps into him they could ask him for me. In fact, go a step further. Tell him if he’s so hard up for representation challenge him to make the protagonists black for his next ten novels. If this is so near and dear to his heart and not just a cheap way to pander to the pink-haired mafia he’d do it.

I’d love to hear his answer.

As for the trailer…almost every characterization I’ve seen looks off. Congrats.

Doctor Sleep starring Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Bruce Greenwood, Carl Lumbly and Kyliegh Curran enters theaters October 30th.

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