Rutger Hauer Is Refreshingly Politically Incorrect

    While promoting his biblical action drama Samson at the Berlin Film Festival, Rutger Hauer spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about modern film. Hauer who has been in an ungodly number of movies such as Blader Runner (1982), The Hitcher (1986)Ladyhawke (1985), Batman Begins (2005) and my personal favorite Blind Fury (1989) was refreshingly candid when asked about the industry and some of the newer films.

    About Blade Runner 2049:

    “I sniff and scratch at it. It looks great but I struggle to see why that film was necessary. I just think if something is so beautiful, you should just leave it alone and make another film. Don’t lean with one elbow on the success that was earned over 30 years in the underground.”

    When asked how the industry has changed since he began acting:

    “The big movies now are such an industry where the money has to come back as soon as possible. With a little movie you have a little more room to move. The eye of the director and the point of view of the filmmaker has suffered [in big films] in the past decades. I look for hard balls. And I don’t see much balls in most films today.”

    Rutger Hauer in Blind Fury

    I couldn’t agree more Rutger. Not only do the movies lack balls…but so do the news outlets that cover the films, cowards, the whole lot of them. I can’t do his responses justice here, read the full article for some more unfettered truth for once.

    Trailer for the Samson playing in theaters now:

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