Ridley Scott Wants to Take a Crack At Merlin

    So Ridley Scott has decided he’s going to butcher a property other than his own.

    According to Variety Scott is in talks to direct “The Merlin Saga” for Disney.  Merlin of course is the wizard who became a mentor to the legendary King Arthur. The saga evidently entails two films, one Merlin-centric and the other a live action version  of “The Sword in the Stone”.  I don’t know what to think of this honestly, I give Ridley grief but I am actually a big fan of his older work. I wasn’t crazy about Prometheus (2012) but I thought it had potential…potential he flushed down the toilet with Alien Covenant (2017). Never, ever, abandon your principles just to placate fans. If you have a vision..stick with it whether you win or lose. David Twohy made this mistake with the Riddick series and Scott did it with Alien.

    Sometimes you just have to roll the hard six.

    Sam Neil and Isabella Rossellini as Merlin and Nimue Merlin (1998)
    Sam Neil and Isabella Rossellini as Merlin and Nimue in Merlin (1998)

    But we’ll see. I actually liked the Merlin mini-series that came out with Sam Neil in 1998. I thought it had charm. If Ridley can whip out something that has…the same kind of heart, he just might make a believer out of me again.



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