Re-released Endgame Surpasses Avatar Worldwide Box Office Record

    Some might think based on my Avatar that I had skin in the game regarding Endgame’s recent surpassing of Avatar as the highest grossing film worldwide of all time. I really, really don’t.

    For me, how much a film makes is not even remotely indicative of whether or not I feel the movie is good…just how popular it is. Avatar was a very popular film when it came out and I also thought it told a good story. I like the idea of people defending their home from invaders…it’s one of the reasons I oppose illegal immigration and open borders…both of which are very harmful to the people who are being invaded.

    I’m not very happy with James Cameron at the moment, I believe what he is allowing to happen to his Terminator series is quite frankly, grotesque and makes me wonder if he truly cares about his creations or just sees them as tools to make a buck. Artistic integrity is the number one quality I look for in a creator and in this regard he has fallen short in my eyes.

    With all that said I think the way Disney has achieved this ‘benchmark’ is pretty lame. Endgame didn’t surpass Avatar on its initial release, for all its bluff and bluster the superhero behemoth with over 10 years of hit films as momentum still came up short of surpassing the sci-fi flick about blue cat people released 10 years prior. Apparently for Disney this slight was simply too much to bear so they slapped together some unfinished CGI, attached it to a tired Endgame and kicked it back out on stage to dance and jiggle for some more change. But as far as I’m concerned it will always have an asterisk next to it’s success. For some reason Disney doesn’t care or realize that there are people out there who are not impressed or amused by such transparent failures in sportsmanship. Just like there are those who rightfully sneer in disgust as a grown man calling himself a woman ‘conquers a real one in a sport.

    For some of us honor and integrity still mean something. So I can’t really congratulate or cheer an organization of whom such qualities have, for the most part, been chiseled away.

    Today Disney is a company willing to stoop to whatever depths required if they think it will garner them more cash or political points. A company that is more interested in supporting those who champion the killing of babies rather than honoring them after their untimely passing. They are already promoting the abhorrent practice of identity politics. Soon we can expect them to be promoting socialism and communism as well. The mental illness that is transgenderism is already in the works and mark my words…the company that has been the flagship for children’s entertainment for decades will eventually begin promoting pedophilia as well. The Mouse house goes where the money goes and they don’t really care where that takes them.

    If you think I’m exaggerating. If you think I’m wrong. If you think that it couldn’t happen in a million years.

    Then you haven’t been paying attention.


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