Rampage Scoots Away From Avengers Release Date

    Dwayne Johnson’s Monster Mash Rampage was originally scheduled for release in April 20th. This was before Disney decided to play musical chairs with its release dates. Avengers: Infinity War was moved from May 4th to April 27th giving Rampage only one weekend to rule at the box office. It’s understandable that the studios would want to rectify this by moving the release date up a week. Rampage is unlikely to pull another Jumanji level upset and Avengers: Infinity War, already highly anticipated, will be aided even more by the success from Black Panther the progressives new Citizen Kane of superhero movies.

    Of course, these days who knows…purportedly Rampage has been testing very strongly and this generation has been eating poop for so long I honestly don’t think they possess the ability to discern good from bad so Rampage could very well make a billion dollars.  After all, Star Wars: The Last Jedi did…and that movie was pure trash.

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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