A Quiet Place – Official Trailer

    Hey, keep it down in there!  I don’t know why but this strikes me as the kind of movie you crack open a brewsky, get loaded and yell things at the screen. Something about the John Krasinki’s A Quiet Place is just making it hard for me to take it seriously. Maybe it’s Emily Blunt (The Girl on the Train ( 2016 ), Sicario (2015) ), all the shots have her looking…too petrified? Can there be such a thing? Whatever’s hunting these people for making too much noise better be damn terrifying or I’m going to be rolling around on the floor guffawing. Holy soup nazi Batman! I just realized these two are married, well that explains it. Lol…I knew something funny was going on here. You’re wife’s making all these goofy faces and you were afraid to tell her to stop. “Oh no honey, that was fine, we don’t need another take”. Well, let’s see if this new trailer improves my opinion.

    Hahahaa..nope…I’ll still rent it. But something tells me my night will be a lot like this:

    A Quiet Place starring  John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe and  Millicent Simmonds tip toes into theaters March 9th.

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