Producer Jon Landau Provides An Avatar And Alita Update

    Neytiri…I see you, baby. *smooch*.

    Jon Landau, producer of the first Avatar, the upcoming Avatars and Alita: Battle Angel was present at the CinemaCon panel Wednesday and had some status updates of the films he is involved in. Regarding Avatar sequels, he essentially said that James Cameron was in a huge water tank conducting performance motion capture. The first Avatar sequel is expected to take place in Avatar’s underwater world.

    “Kate Winslet came to do a scene in a water tank, and held her breath for more than three minutes — we trained our whole cast to do that, She made this look so easy, she nailed the Na’vi language.” — Jon Landau

    Avatar 2 is scheduled to be released December 18, 2020.

    Landau also spoke of the Robert Rodriquez helmed Alita: Battle Angel, noting that Rodriquez was in the “final stages of post-production to bring this character to life”.

    “[Rodriguez] wanted to make a Jim Cameron film, Robert is fascinated by film, he understands and craves filmmaking. He studied Jim. He said, ‘I did a Frank Miller film with Sin City, now I’m doing a Jim Cameron-style movie.’ ” — Jon Landau

    The panel then started to ask stupid questions like “why there aren’t many female-driven and diverse movies”. Like a typical salesman Landau attempted to answer this moronic question instead of asking the SJW idiots what century they were referring to. Because, if they were talking about the current one they were stone cold morons.

    This is the kind of idiocy we have to deal with. We’ve got a movie about blue aliens and these myopic jerkoffs can only see the color brown. If I were him I would have questioned the effectiveness of our school systems and then dismissed the lot of them. But then, I’ve been told I’m not a very nice person.

    Alita: Battle Angel is shooting for a December 21st release.

    Source: Deadline

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