PREY Trailer (2022) Predator 5


A new trailer for Hulu’s new Predator movie has been released.

Toruk's Take

They keep making Predator movies. I really wish they’d stop. Only the first 2 are good…the rest are pure, unadulterated travesties.

This latest one doesn’t look like it will be any exception to that trend.

We have girl power smacking us in the face. The female lead complaining that no one believes she can hunt. What year is this? Would this even be a topic of discussion? I seriously, seriously doubt it.

To make matters worse. This would-be hunter is almost gobbled up by a bear and is only alive because a Predator decides to take the bear out for her. Bravo. In one fell swoop you completely eliminate any semblance of your protagonists proficiency making her ‘inevitable’ defeat of the Predator even more implausible.

Modern filmmakers are absolutely horrible. They never learned the lesson of the 80’s and 90’s. That even in fantasy, you must maintain a semblance of reality.

Prey: Predator 5 premieres on Hulu Aug 5 2022.

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