Photo of Joaquin Phoenix As Early Joker Revealed

    Via Instagram, Todd Phillips, who is directing a Joker origin film, has given us a first look at Joaquin Phoenix in character. The image shows the character ‘Arthur’, an incarnation in this film that preceded his transformation into the iconic and more recognizable Batman villain The Joker.

    According to Warner Bros., the film is intended to be standalone and will have no bearing or relation to the DC universe. Written by Philips and Scott Silver, the film purports to be an “exploration of a man disregarded by society that is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.” Some plot details of the film revealed recently entail Phoenix’s character supposedly driven mad by a talk show host. Robert De Niro is in talks to play this host. Marc Maron and Zazie Beetz are also set to feature.

    The film is slated for an Oct 4, 2019 release.

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    Toruk's Take

    The more I hear about this project the more unnecessary it sounds. Perhaps even damagingly so. I'm getting more of a this is a vanity project for Todd Phillips vibe than any authentic interest in the character and the Batman mythos. Warner Bros. handling of these properties just seems more and more disconcerting as time goes on. Maybe I'm wrong and this is genius in the making, time will tell.

    Source Variety

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