PEPPERMINT Official Trailer

    I’m going in raw on this one folks. I didn’t even know ole Jenny Garner (She of the Alias, Elektra, Ben Affleck rocky marriage fame) was making an action movie until I stumbled across this trailer for Peppermint. I don’t know so I’ll see…but in this age of the Great Culture War I’m terrified of what I’ll see. Gone are the days of straight action movies with women sans cringy and destructive agendas. Ah, expectations lowered…let’s take a peak..

    “At least somebody’s doing something”

    Cartel? Cartel? Wait…that’s, that’s brown people Jen! You can’t shoot brown people Jen! You’re a white female!!! You’re supposed to be their ALLY, and link arms with them on busy streets and offer up perpetual apologies for the past deeds of people who lived long before you were born. What are you doing!!! Lol.  This is beyond the pale. When brown people kill your loved ones and you’re white your supposed to say “please sir, madam may I have another…I know I deserve this and more”. You don’t shoot them in the head!! You don’t serve up accountability!

    Hahahaaa…I love it!

    We need to #movetheneedle on this movie. Make it a solid hit, let the studios know this is more like it. I think I’m going to watch this about about 10 more times…

    Peppermint starring Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher, John Ortiz, Method Man, Richard Cabra, Annie ilonzeh, Juan Pablo Raba, Tyson Ritter and others lights up theaters September 7, 2018.

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