PENINSULA Trailer (Train to Busan 2)


Directed by Yang Sang-ho and written by Yang and Dong-won Gang, Peninsula is the sequel to the hit horror flick Train to Busan (2016).

Toruk's Take

Train to Busan was an enjoyable flick that stuck the landing. In the midst of insane zombie action rested a touching tale about a father and his estranged daughter. It made the film stand out amongst a plethora of its type at the time.

The sequel, set in a dystopian landscape 4 years after the original, looks…high-octane. Hard to say whether this too, will have a personal, resonating thread to bind the madness to reality and give it all weight. Given that we are currently living during a real-world global catastrophe it may be a while before I have the appetite to give this second helping a try.

Peninsula starring Gang Dong-Won and  Lee Jung-hyun is scheduled for release August 12, 2020.