NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock just confirmed it ordered a full season of MacGruber TV series. Comedian Will Forte will return to play the lead character, while also writing and executive producing the show. Jorma Taccone, who directed the original 2010 movie, will be returning as well.

MacGruber began as a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live back in 2007. Will Forte depicted the titular character – a parody of MacGyver – that repeatedly tries and fails to defuse a ticking time bomb. His popularity led to a 2010 feature film that spoofs the 1980s action movies. Although MacGruber failed in cinemas, it gained a bit of a cult status throughout the last decade. This is in no small part due to an excellent supporting cast: Powers Boothe (Deadwood), Ryan Phillippe (Gosford Park), Maya Rudolph (The Good Place), Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids), and Val Kilmer as wonderfully named villain Dieter Von Cunth.

MacGruber the TV series will consist of eight half-hour episodes. There’s no word yet whether this be merely a limited series or the first season of a sitcom. In either case, MacGruber will be blowing stuff up once again this November.