From Nightwing To Dungeons & Dragons – Chris Mckay May Do Both

    The popularity and success of the The Lego Batman Movie (2017) has drawn a lot of interest to Director Chris McKay. He landed the gig to direct Warner Bros. Superhero movie Nightwing  (A character who used to be Batman’s boy wonder Robin and grew up into his own), and now Variety reports he is in talks with Paramount pictures to direct Dungeons & Dragons. The film will be produced by Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis with Michael Gillio Kwik Stop (2001) handling the scriptwriting.

    Danny Shepherd as Nightwing in Nightwing the series

    AllSpark Pictures, created on October 20th of last year, is Hasbro’s production arm that will be used to develop a movie-verse that consist of M.A.S.K, Rom, Visionairies, Micronauts, and G.I.Joe. This is the company’s answer to existing movie universes such as Marvel and DC. The Dungeons & Dragons project would have been started earlier but Hasbro and Sweetpea Entertainment were battling over ownership of the sequel rights. They reached a settlement in 2015.

    Let’s hope this movie turns out better than the last one

    Nightwing of course is not out yet and there is no telling whether or not it will be a good film. No doubt the success of the film may play a part in whether or not McKay remains as the Director of Dungeons & Dragons should he sign on. The history of Dungeon & Dragons productions have been…lackluster to say the least, but The Dragonlance Chronicles are amongst my most adored fantasy novels; at least as far as my memory is concerned.

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