New Movie Poster For Psychological Horror Film “Misumisou”

    Misumisou (“Liverleaf”), is a live-action adaptation of the Manga of the same name by Rensuke Oshikiri. The story is about Nozaki Haruka, a little girl who moves to a small town with her family. She becomes the target of bullies who no one, including teachers seem interested in stopping. This leads to a bloody series of events.

    Hmn, I suppose the red is to symbolize the bloody climax of the film. Snow has been used to denote light, purity and innocence…it also has been used to represent sadness, bleakness or death.  Whatever the case, all signs point to this not being lighthearted fair.

    Some reviews of the Manga indicate that the antagonists are the weak link in the tale, that they are too cartoonishly evil to be taken seriously. Hopefully, the adaptation addresses these issues to make the overall story more solid.

    Here’s the trailer that came out back in December:

    Ahh…I miss being a kid.

    Misumisou starring Anna Yamada, Hiroya Shimizu, and Seina Nakata opens in theaters in Japan on April 07, 2018

    Source: Crunchyroll

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