Mother! – Official Trailer (2017)

    Here we have a trailer for a new movie by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream 2000, Noah 2014) called Mother! Evidently another one of those high concept horror flicks along the lines of Black Swan 2010. I’ve enjoyed a few of his [Aronofsky] flicks, particularly The Wrestler 2008 but have to admit that most of his work leaves me a little cold.

    This one, starring Jennifer Lawrence (apparently they’re shagging at the moment…no further comment) is a tale where a couples (Lawrence and Javier Bardem) life is disrupted after having uninvited guests ( Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris ) enter their home. Practically…or literally all hell breaks loose.

    Reminds me of Rosemary’s Baby 1968 and a more recent flick Shelley 2016.

    I think the trailer is effective, it sparks interest, and I couldn’t find any nicks to pick, a good sign.

    Soo…we’ll see, could be good.

    On a side note, Michelle Pfeiffer looks absolutely ravishing. Whatever you are doing Michelle, keep. it. up.


    Mother! Starring Jennfier Lawrence, Javier Bardem,  Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer creeps its way into theaters September 15.

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