Mortal Engines Teaser Trailer

    We have a trailer for a new movie produced by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) and directed by Christian Rivers who has worked with Jackson a lot in the past but in a rather different capacity: Storyboard Artists, Effects Supervisor ,Unit Director. This will be his first feature film.

    Published in 2001, Mortal Engines was four novel by Phillip Reeve. It’s focus, a futuristic, steampunk version of jolly ole London. London, now a giant mobile machine, is trying to survive in a world that is running out of resources. Evidently this is a result of a so-called “Sixty Minute War”.

    The London ‘machine’ makes for an impressive visage. One can almost feel the dread inhabitants of a lesser vehicle may experience with such a behemoth barreling down upon them. I like the effects, the shot of a park atop the London machine with people casually going about their business as this mechanical city gobbles up another of what must now be countless victims was a nice touch.

    So, thus my initial impression…intrigued. I look forward to seeing more of what Mr Rivers has to offer on this matter.

    Mortal Engines starring Hugo Weaving, Robert Sheehan, and Stephen Lang rolls into theaters next year December 14th.

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