Mortal Engines Official Trailer

    When we looked at the first trailer/teaser/whatever for this movie I’m sure I had a lot to say…shock…gasp. Me? no…

    Well, since I hate repeating myself…let’s have a peak at the latest..

    Lol…I was just thinking to myself that if they don’t get their act together over there in Europe this movie is going to be extreme fantasy because there won’t be any bloody white people left in Europe what-so-ever! Hmn, it’s funny because it’s true…crazy world we’re living in.

    Well onto the trailer, I guess we know why the chick wears a scarf over her face. The scar isn’t that bad actually, I think it gives her character. Ever wonder why they don’t make scars truly horrific for protagonist in Hollywood flicks? (for instance, Tyrion’s scar (The Game of Thrones character) was truly ghastly in the novels but in the TV series it was simply ‘cute’) They don’t do it because they think the audience won’t be able to relate to the character or will shy away from them in disgust. It’s the same reason they won’t make Wolverine 5’3″.

    Hollywood is the epitome shallow…and they thnk the rest of the world is as well.

    Well, I was intrigued by the first trailer but this one bored me so bad I could barely wait for it to end. It has that “Divergent Series” feel to it. Nothing the characters said in the trailer was even remotely interesting. “We must stop the big…” oh put me to bed already.

    And check out the multicultural shot!:


    As it stands, I wouldn’t watch this on Netflix. Egads, I hope the source material isn’t this bad.

    Mortal Engines starring Hugo Weaving, Robert Sheehan, and Stephen Lang rolls into theaters next year December 14th.

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