Michael B. Jordan Picks Up Rights To Black Leopard, Red Wolf

    It would seem the stars have aligned for those of us who can’t get enough of movies set in a fantasy Africa. Michael B. Jordan and Warner Bros. have picked up the rights to Black Leopard, Red Wolf written by Marlon James.

    The book is an epic African fantasy written by Marlon James about a slave trader who hires mercenaries to find a kidnapped boy. The story’s main character is a man named Tracker which features giants, necromancers, witches, and shapeshifters.

    The book has been described as an African Game of Thrones and is the first of a trilogy that will recall the same story from different perspectives. James will serve as an executive producer on the film adaptation.

    In i09’s interview James states “It would be interesting to see how it would be adapted, because I still think our cinematic language of sci-fi and fantasy is still very European – particularly fantasy. And my book is not even remotely European.”

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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