Members Of Hollywood Voice Their Displeasure At The Oscars New ‘Popular’ Movie Category

    It looks like some members of the Academy and the film community are not happy with the recent changes made by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. One of the recent changes that has garnered some ire is the introduction of a “Popular’ film category. An addition, members say, many were not properly consulted about beforehand.

    “The film business passed away today with the announcement of the ‘popular’ film Oscar. It had been in poor health for a number of years. It is survived by sequels, tentpoles, and vertical integration.” — Rob Lowe

    The Academy recently granted membership to a large number of new members. Some longtime voters believe that many of these newcomers are unqualified and that are too many of them being granted admittance, period.

    Other new categories:
    -Best movie where shit blowed up good.
    -Hottest female alien
    – Best back flip to avoid a thrown knife
    -Best knife throw
    -Best “you thought he was dead but now he’s back and REALLY kicking ass” — Adam McKay

    These changes are said to be made by the organization in an effort to increase viewership as well as to address accusations that the Academy board was not diverse enough.

    “So excited that the Academy is going to hand out the new Popular Movie Oscars award during its own TV spot in the middle of a Super Bowl ad break, thus assuring the biggest possible audience for it.” — James Schamus (Focus Features CEO)

    Toruk’s Take

    I’ve always thought Award Shows were pretty lame. A bunch of millionaires fellating themselves for a few hours in front of the world.

    However, if I were to be completely honest I suppose I would have to concede that the concept of honoring excellence in and of itself is a good thing. If you are truly great at something…ahem…I think it’s nice that people know about it. So a ‘dignified’ and ‘honest’ acknowledgment is something that I can get behind. I think my problem with the Oscars and other award shows is that I believe the verdict is not dictated by honest merit but by schmoozing and behind the scenes political maneuvering…which I can not get behind.

    Assuming that there ever was a time that the Oscars was not conducted in such a way…that notion is sure as hell gone now. As I would have to agree with Mr. Lowe, the integrity of the film biz is well and truly dead. This ‘popular’ nonsense is simply a way to give awards to trash. An appeasement to the low brows and SJW’s who after destroying something other people like, simply move on to their next target.  Popular under no stretch of the imagination equals good.

    Buckling under the pressure of the political correctness brigade, the Academy allowed in a huge swathe of new ‘diverse’ members who did not believe in whatever meritocratic values were still extant in the organization and like a country with unchecked immigration…quality control went right out the window.

    The Oscars ‘Got woke’…what was once respected will now be seen as a joke (or more-so)…and then will subsequently Go broke.

    Congrats. This just might be the eye-opener that Hollywood liberals needed regarding the dangers of bending the knee to progressive activists and diversity checklist vs merit-based practices.

    Source:  Variety

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