MauLer’s Black Panther: An Unbridled Rage

    I have a Spider-sense. Others may call it ‘intuition’ or ‘gut feeling’ some might even refer to as ESP. I prefer Spider-sense. It is something that took me a long time to come to terms with. Throughout my life I would often ignore it because it would often go against the group’s, or a group or the general populace’s consensus.  I would second guess myself, deride myself with chides such as: “You’re not smarter than everyone else”. “How can so many people be wrong and you be right”, or simply “You’re not special”. And yet every time, every friggen time I ignored my Spider-sense I paid the price. I may not be the smartest. I may not be special. But I don’t ignore my Spider-sense anymore. I will never ignore my Spider-sense again.

    As I watched one of the later trailers for Thor: Ragnorock (2017) my special sense started to warn me about the film. One aspect was the level of comedy…way too much…and way too much that wasn’t funny. Another was the amount of Catwalking being done by the female characters in the film, which signified a misplaced emphasis on certain sensibilities. I noted to myself that under no circumstances would I give this film money until I determined whether or not my sense was correct. It was, the film was awful from stem to stern.

    My sense really went off when Get Out (2016) came onto the scene. I suspected that this was yet another film insinuating how evil white people are (no matter how clever it may do it) and it took a whole year before I found anyone willing to confirm this theory. Everyone…even people I thought would know better were fellating this film so it proved to be a pretty big test. I still refuse to watch this trash. I am confident enough in my Spider-sense that I don’t have to.

    Black Panther is probably the biggest test thus far of my Spider-sense which tells me despite 99.9% of the planet claiming this is a ‘good movie’ it really isn’t. I’m used to being on the periphery. I’m used to being the outsider. I’ve been an outsider all my life, but when everyone is saying a movie is good and something deep inside you is screaming bullshit, you get an inkling of just how lonely the number one can really be.  I was sure I was going to have to write an Evisceration Review for film. I wasn’t looking forward to it because the last one was exhausting. Thankfully, I don’t think I will need to. YouTube’s MauLer may have just saved me the trouble.  I doubt I would have been as thorough as he was in his excoriation of this film so it seems silly to even try. The points he makes would have had me giving the movie the middle finger had I watched it.

    As for my Spider-sense…still the undefeated champion of the world.


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