Matrix 4 Film On The Way

    I’m one of those rare guys who liked all three Matrix movies. I never did get the hate for Reloaded and Revolutions. To paraphrase Morpheus it seemed to me that the films ended the only way they could have ended. But hey, everyone has their taste…and opinions, so it is what it is.

    I also was a big fan of the Wachowskis…brothers that is. I thought Bound (1996) was steamy, hot fun and I found the Animatrix (2003) to be a solid anime anthology.  I suppose things started to take a down turn beginning at Speed Racer (2008). I actually don’t remember much of this film, I only saw it the one time. I don’t remember hating it…but I don’t recall loving it either. I umm, do remember Cloud Atlas (2012). I remember watching the film not too long after I listened to the audiobook and not being impressed with either. Then there was Jupiter Ascending (2015), it…had its moments, but was ultimately forgettable. Finally, I believe it was the utter silliness that was Sense8 where I decided it was time for me and the gals to part ways.

    A downward spiral of mediocrity interwoven with woke absurdity. I recall back in art school in my art appreciation class the instructor mentioning that one of the great painter’s apprentices had to hide his work from him in his old age for fear that he would ruin them. I don’t recall the artists name, perhaps Leonardo, but I never forgot the story because it was a harsh but true reality of the artistic world…and perhaps life in general. Sometimes you have know when to walk away…and stay away. Someone should explain this to the Wachowskis because they are about to destroy any goodwill they have left regarding the entertainment world. That goodwill being the legacy of the Matrix.

    And if you are wondering what I’m rambling about. Lana Wachowski has gotten it into her head to make another Matrix film, Matrix 4 to be exact; and somehow she managed to get Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss to help her do it.

    Bad idea. Horribly, horribly bad idea.

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