Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3 Trailer #1


Netflix has released the trailer for Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3. The tagline reads:

Jessica Jones is not and never will be a hero. Learn the truth on June 14th.

Toruk's Take

This chick has worn the same outfit for 3 seasons. It sounds like the primary villain for season 3…is the writing room. Seriously, a smart guy? Granted, brains has never been this character’s strong suit (at least the Netflix version) so anyone with common sense could easily serve as a foil. But do we really need an entire season of it?

It’s almost as the people writing these stories don’t know anything about what makes superheroes interesting. Nevermind, mystery solved.

edit: So the name of the bad guy in this is someone called “Foolkiller” which apparently there have been at least four different ones in the comics book. According wikipedia:

“All of the Foolkillers have been athletic men with no superhuman powers and all of them are criminally insane.”

So…basically a smart guy. Sounds like an exciting match-up against someone with super powers. I swore last time I was done with this show and I see no reason to change that stance. What a dumpster fire.

Jessica Jones season 3 starring Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Mike Colter, Wil Traval, Erin Moriarty, Leah Gibson and Carrie-Anne Moss streams again June 14th.

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