Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer #2

    The last trailer we looked at for Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 looked a bit bleak to me. It had that hey why not just slit your wrist vibe going on…let’s see what another dose makes us want to do:

    Hmmn, not sure why there are so many scenes from Season one in this trailer, one would think they’d like to give the fans something to chew on. That can’t be still filming this thing.

    “Yeah, I always deal with threats head-on. Meaning, I punch them in the head until they’re unconscious.”

    Oh dear, that’s some bad dialogue…I’m really not feeling these all. The only thing that’s sorta decent is the music..but that only goes so far. A trip to the Savage Land sounds really, really good about now. If this season doesn’t have some serious superhero cameos I think it will probably be a massive disaster.

    Jessica Jones season 2 starring Krysten Ritter, Racheal Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss resumes streaming March 8th.

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