Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Season 2 – Official Trailer

    Our favorite lush Jessica Jones, played by Kristen Ritter is back. The official trailer for the second season it out and about.

    Yeesh. Jessica seems more miserable now than the first season. I still prefer the Jessica from the Alias comics. She may not have been a ray of sunshine but she had a bit of charm about her. How the hell am I supposed to get into a show while staring at that sour puss Krysten Ritter is sporting? There does seem to be one area of progress, they actually mentioned another superhero by name (Captain America). Before they would always allude to them with these exceptionally retarded descriptions. (Guy with the hammer, The big green guy, The others). Made me want to punch the TV screen.

    As for the rest…it looks like Melissa Rosenberg (I would have replaced her if I were in charge) has turned up the ‘progressive’ dial and they look to be moving even further away from the superhero world. The show also insists on weighing itself down with these side characters who essentially do nothing but force the writers to try and find something for them to do. Waste of money and time. Sadly, the only thing I like about this trailer is how good Krysten’s rump still looks in those jeans.

    To steal a quote from a franchise I used to love so much…I have a bad feeling about this.

    Jessica Jones season 2 starring Krysten Ritter, Racheal Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss resumes streaming March 8th.

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