Marvel’s Iron Fist: Season 2 | Official Trailer

    The initial season of Iron Fist was plagued by SJW scum who screeched about the character Danny Rand being white. The character was created as a white character and as a stone, cold purist I strongly hold that the race a character is born is the race that character dies. Humans do not get to up and change our race when it suits us. Race bending is a disgusting, lazy, abhorrent practice that quite frankly should be a crime punishable with stiff jail time. Unless your storyline is implementing some form of Magic or uber science fiction I’ll have none of it.

    Unfortunately, backlash from the pink-haired mafia wasn’t the season one’s only problem. Lackluster fight choreography and a weak villain did little to justify the character’s debut. Far too much time was spent with side characters like the Meachum’s, whose storyline was this side of a coma. It’s been a very long time since I’ve read an Iron Fist comic so I could be wrong but I remember Danny Rand as being far more personable, a Johnny Storm type. Flashy, self-assured…and happy. Netflix/Marvel’s Iron Fist was quite dour and not particularly likeable.

    All that said, let’s see if they can right this ship, because all told, this Netflix/Marvel experiment is sinking…fast.

    “How many times a night you light that fist up?”

    Uhhh….still dour and whiny. The fight scenes look like they may be better, but I’m not feeling Davos (Steel Serpent) as a villain. The character Steel Serpent reads as pretty badass in the Marvel wiki but this actor Sacha Dhawan and Finn Jones for that matter, just aren’t physically imposing in the least. I could beat these two up with one hand tied behind my back. Where have all the cowboys gone?  I hope they have someone…or something more menacing waiting  in the wings. Do they even poll people about this stuff before committing to a storyline? Argh.

    Hero Theory. Hero Theory. Hero Theory!

    Iron Fist Season 2 arrives on Netflix September 7th.

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