Marvel’s Inhumans – Official Trailer 1

    Ohh boi.

    I don’t understand why you would put anything you actually cared about on a watered-down network like ABC. I didn’t even walk into the Agents of Shield room because the sales pitch was horrific:  “Would you like to watch something that is light on actual super-heroes but heavy on super-hero allusion?”.

    Umm, no.

    I like my entertainment to actually contain the subject that I care about, not just hint or dance around it. It’s the reason I never watched Smallville, or will never tune in for Gotham. I mean, what are we doing here? “Sir, here is your hamburger without the burger. That’ll be $3.75.” Man, if you don’t put some meat in this bun…

    But I digress…wildly.

    Marvel’s Inhumans will evidently actually star the long-time Comic Book characters but the question is will it be done well. I’ve never really read the Comics when I was young but I admit to having an interest in some of the characters. I found Black Bolt and Medusa intriguing and always meant to follow up more on them.

    Had this aired on a raw outlet like Netflix, or Hulu, or even Amazon (fix your user interface!) it would have marked a perfect opportunity for me to enjoy characters I never did in Comic Book form…I would have been, for the first time, one of those people. Alas, it appears that destiny has other plans because you couldn’t drag me in front of a media device displaying something from the ABC network.

    I stopped watching filtered, watered-down television decades ago…I’ll be fiddle-sticked if I’m going to start up again now.

    Especially given this trailer, which frankly…

    “Sooner or later, the humans are gonna find us up here…”

    And? So? They’re humans. Aren’t these inhuman people Gods or God-like? What do they care? Why are they boosting the relevance of flat-scans? When you’re first line has me substantially irritated you know it isn’t happening.  If humans are the primary antagonists for these supposedly uber-powered people then I’m definitely giving it a hard pass. I’ve reached my tipping point regarding such non-sense with the Marvel shows I actually do watch.

    Plus, Black Bolt looks constipated. The decision to go without the mask was…unfortunate.

    Marvel’s #Inhumans opens early in IMAX theatres Sept 1. The full series starts Sept 29 on ABC.

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