Marvel Studios just hired screenwriters Jessica Gao and Jeremy Slater to work on their upcoming superhero TV shows She-Hulk and Moon Knight, says The Wrap. While both of these were first announced during this year’s D23 Fan Expo, their release dates are as yet unknown.

Jessica Gao worked on TV series Silicon Valley. Her script for Rick and Morty episode Pickle Rick won an Emmy. Gao is a smart choice for She-Hulk adaptation. At first, She-Hulk was just another Marvel superhero, created when Bruce Banner saved his cousin’s life by giving her some of his irradiated blood. Unlike her cousin, She-Hulk – aka Jennifer Walters – was able to keep her intelligence even while hulking out. The comic book altered its tone when John Byrne took over in 1989 and turned it into a meta-comedy. She-Hulk kept its irreverent tone since then, following Jennifer as she tries balancing her career as an attorney with the superhero antics.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Slate will work on adapting Moon Knight. Slater already collaborated with Netflix while adapting the cult Japanese manga Death Note into a film. He also helped to turn the comic book Umbrella Academy into a Netflix TV series. As for Moon Knight, this is one of lesser-known Marvel characters. He is an urban vigilante hiding behind a series of identities – from a cab driver to a billionaire playboy. While there are several versions of Moon Knight’s origin story, a recurring theme in the comics is his fractured mental state and multiple personas.