Marvel Comics Tries To Return To What Sells After The Failure OF Its SJW Marvel Brand

    I’m not going to cover the complete disaster that has been Marvel Comics for the past few years. Guys like Diversity & Comics and Capn Cummings have been at the forefront of this horror-show from pretty much the beginning and have waged war against the wholesale insanity that was SJW Marvel. If you care at all about comics I recommend you watch some of their videos to catch up. But in a nutshell, instead of creating new minority characters and allowing them to bubble to the surface like every other comic book character before them has done Marvel decided to pull an affirmative action campaign and essentially swap-out existing characters in Major Titles that did all the hard work to earn their readership over the decades with these new progressive-heavy characters that didn’t earn jack squat. They put these characters in the front of the line when they had absolutely no business being there. They put them there and expected that the readers were so stupid that just because the a title still said ‘Thor’ that old fans would continue to buy it. On top of that Marvel brought on a bunch of diversity-hires to run these books, people with no respect for the industry, the characters, the retailers and especially the fans who supported them for over 50 years.

    It was nothing short of disgusting. And it blew up in their face.

    Now, Marvel Comics is attempting to right the ship. They fired that scumbag Axel Alonso and brought on C.B. Cebulski as the new Editor-in-Chief. They also canceled a bunch of the SJW books because SJW’s don’t buy comic books…they just like to destroy them. To signify the new direction they are taking they have put out a trailer…which basically says ‘come back guys, the nightmare is over’. I wonder though if it might not be too little, too late.

    Marvels Fresh Start Trailer:

    Marvel’s MCU better be paying attention. Because if they think the same thing can’t happen to their movie universe, they’re living in a dreamland.

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