Luenell Grills Chris Darden Over Defending Eric Holder in Nipsey Hussle Case

    Comedian and Actress Luenell Campell was recently approached by TMZ Monday and was asked her opinion on Chris Darden defending Nipsey Hussles alleged killer Eric Holder. It’s an understatement to say she had some harsh words for him, noting how he was “worse than an Uncle Tom”, and even making statements about how Darden’s daughter is getting getting harassed in community as backlash for his decision to defend Holder.

    In the video she ends with the question “who’s paying you?” This is the general consensus of the black community for her as well as many blogs and other media outlets. Is this a situation of a lawyer going into the fire because they truly believe the accused is innocent? Is this another high profile case for the money? Maybe it’s just business. Let us know what you all think.

    Source: Youtube,TMZ

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