Lightning Review – Netflix’s Love Death + Robots: Sonnie’s Edge

    This review will contain spoilers

    Because there isn’t enough pain and agony in my existence I thought I would see if Netflix’s new series Love Death + Robots created by Tim Miller (Director of Deadpool (2016) and the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate) was any good as I’m a fan of animation. I was three minutes and twenty three seconds into the first episode: Sonnie’s Edge before I was ready to turn it off.  The episode practically came out of the gate with its sexual organ displayed prominently on its sleeve. In the beginning it starts with two females (Sonnie and Ivrina) and a low-testosterone male (Wes) bringing in their “creature” that they use to participate in an underground world of “beastie” fights.

    The idiocy begins almost immediately when a cartoonishly ‘evil’ rich, white male named “Dicko” (he has an unnecessary walking cane folks) urges the handler or driver of said beast, Sonnie to ‘throw’ the fight.

    Dicko: What makes you so special? (in regards to why she won’t throw the fight)

    Sonnie: Not Special. Unique. No other team uses a female pilot for their beastie.

    Dicko: That’s it, then? Your edge. Women fight better than men.

    Sonnie: This one does.

    Lvrina: Yeah, that’s my girl.

    Wes: Seventeen straight wins to prove it.

    Integrity was not reason enough to not want to take a dive. The creators of this piece felt the need to interject the stench of intersectionality into the mix.

    Could you imagine if Floyd Mayweather entered into female boxing and proceeded to throttle every one of his female opponents and proclaimed at the end of each victorious match that “Men are better fighters than woman?”. Could such a gross display be topped, perhaps, he could whip out his schlong over an unconscious female and urinate on her I suppose.

    The point is that the term ‘bad form’ wouldn’t even begin to describe such a distasteful act yet we are supposed to shrug our shoulders and pretend its okay because it is being implemented by a female? Such is the staggering hypocrisy and inherent malevolence of Identity Politics.

    Of course their justification for this is that some men did something horrible to Sonnie and this is Sonnie’s way of getting back at them. If she were targeting the men who actually raped and mutilated her this might make sense…but she’s not. The men she battles in the beastie games did not personally injure her. Their offense was being born males. Which is exactly how third wave feminists view the world. It doesn’t matter what present day or most men have or haven’t done. It matters what some men have done or will do, and for that all men must pay.

    I admit, I was a little perplexed as to how the director of Dead Pool, a film I liked, would thumb’s up this misandrist trash. I tried to see if I could determine his political leanings but he seems (at least according to Google) to keep those close to the chest. As such, I can only infer that he is okay with what the creators of Sonnie’s Edge are pushing or he is agnostic on the matter altogether.

    All that being said the actual Beast fight itself was done pretty well.

    After the fight, of which Sonnie’s beast wins, Sonnie, who of course is a Lesbian, puts the moves on Dicko’s woman and is impaled by her for her trouble. Turns out Dicko wasn’t happy with her not throwing the fight and decided to kill her. Plot twist…Sonnie’s edge is not that she’s a woman its that she was so badly hurt by the rape gang that her brain had to be placed somewhere else. That place being inside the beastie. She is the beast and when she fights she’s fighting for her life.

    So what are we to take from this? That feminists are so rabid because they actually believe their lives depend on being so? Sonnie says that Dicko’s take on what gave Sonnie her edge (she being female) was only something he wanted to see yet this flies in the face of her compatriots aggressively supporting the same notion. They clearly know about her “secret” so why would they say it also?

    Two Feminists and A Cuck In Tow…is this entertainment?

    Because the creators apparently couldn’t come up with any other take to present the same story; symptomatic of someone too busy trying to win woke points as opposed to crafting an interesting narrative, the overall story suffered for it.

    This would have been twenty times better without the man-bashing trash leading in. It completely contaminated what could have been an interesting little tale. The story could simply have made Dicko the leader of this ‘rape gang’ and have Sonnie using the beast battles as an excuse to get close to him. A story-line that virtually everyone could get behind and understand. An inclusive as opposed to divisive story.

    I wonder if the other episodes in this series will continue to make that mistake.

    I’m not going to hold my breath that they don’t.

    2 out of 5 stars

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    The CGI wasn’t offensively bad. And the creature fight was pretty good.

    Propaganda Rating

    Be careful, the beginning is so toxic you might overdose…if you can survive that it eases up some.


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