Lightning Review – His Dark Materials – Season 1

    This is going to actually be a real lightning review. That is to say…short and brief.

    Some may have noticed I haven’t been around much but I assure you I’m working hard on new content and features for the site!

    On with the review!

    1. Race-bending should never be done, for any reason, under any circumstance. It undermines the characters and the very race that it is pandering to. It is a despicable practice that should frankly be against the law and there is no excuse for it.

    2 star deduction.

    2. Lord Asriel and Mrs Coulter show way too much emotion way too early. These are supposed to be seen as HARD people because they are hard people willing to do damn near anything to achieve their objectives. These aren’t the only instances of poor characterization either.

    The Audiobooks are MASTERFULLY done by the voice cast. Highly recommended. How is it they can get the series characters pitch perfect but an HBO series with all its resources cannot?

    Do better.

    1 star deduction.

    3. Will Parry doesn’t show up until the second book, by rushing the introduction of certain events and concepts they rob the series of their import and reveal that they do not have enough confidence to portray the events the way they actually occurred.

    They have no confidence in their own ability so they are rushing to try to give the audience a reason to stick around. The story is strong enough on its own without these desperate acts…if they only believed in it.

    The people behind this series clearly do not and it shows.

    2 out of 5 stars

    Propaganda Rating

    This is pretty chock full with them, unfortunately.

    • Race bending
    • Miscegenation (not organic, forced to push a ‘message’)
    • Patriarchy bad
    • The idea that cops target young black men for no reason

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