Liberals Show Their Disdain For The Last Jedi’s “Chauvinist” Cut

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    So an edit of a bootleg copy of The Last Jedi by a Star Wars fan (described by the media as a Male Rights Activist ) who didn’t like what Rian Johnson had to offer has the liberals outraged and desperately raining ridicule on the peice. The white knights and virtue signalers are also in full swing as they take turns taking shots at the 46 minute edit, the author and while they are at it anyone who would deign not to bask in the progressive glory offered by the film.

    The liberal media was quick to respond against the work

    “and a horrid, misogynistic fan edit of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” — AV Club

    “weird, crypto-misogynist pirate cut of “The Last Jedi.””  — The Wrap

    Rian Johnson’s response was quite predictable given the utter disdain he demonstrated when he created the film:

    Mark Hamill, now sufficiently cowed by Disney, did his part to earn his paychecks;

    “Rian Johnson’s new installment in the blockbuster franchise has been met with polarised reviews, in the sense that the majority of critics enjoyed it, while a vocal minority of manbabies detested it, mostly because it’s full of women” —

    “Thankfully, tons of more level-headed Star Wars fans have responded to roast the guy responsible” —

    The last fellow seemed relieved, as if he wasn’t sure the horde of lefties would respond “appropriately” to the edit. One wonders if his head would have exploded if most of them said they liked it.

    You would think all these news outlets covering this was overkill. But it makes sense when you understand the lefts desire to counter the narrative that a large number of people are unhappy with their agenda being inserted into popular entertainment.

    Below, a reviewer who actually liked the shorter movie describes what types of edits were done.


    Many of the obviously left leaning news sites seemed to take great issue with the fact that someone would be motivated enough to re-edit Rian Johnson’s “masterpiece”. The irony being of course that Rian had already performed his own set of butchery with his film. Whether one considers the fan edit an act of extremity or not it is no more egregious than the very real agenda being pushed by Rian and Disney and co-signed by a large portion of the media.

    There is a lot of chortling going on but if I were Disney I wouldn’t be so keen to join in on it. Half your audience is a hairs breath away from abandoning you completely. Girl power is the slogan of the day but it wasn’t girl power that has kept Star Wars afloat all these years. When the bulk of your male audience decides to stay home next go round, I wonder who will be laughing then. In the end, it isn’t the embrace of women that is the problem. It’s that you can’t seem to accomplish this task without putting men down.

    As for the actual video, I don’t know how all these folks got their hands on a video that is technically illegal to distribute. Currently, the video can be found at The Pirate Bay torrent site. Other sites that might have it eventually are Solarmoviez or Movie4k. But one shouldn’t enter those sites without strong anti-virus and anti-spam software.


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