Len Wein – One of The Great Ones

    The Comic Book industry is in a state of crisis. Plagued with vile identity politics, inane virtue signaling, and disgusting SJW agendas the industry is bleeding consumers and the sludge they are passing off as product is forcing once lively Comic Shops to close their doors.

    Yes, it is a sad time for Comic Books; a time made even sadder by the passing of one of Comic Books greatest contributors.

    Lein Wein passed away at the age 69.

    Len Wein and Hugh Jackman

    To not pay Homage to Wein with all that is going on with the industry would be nothing short of sacrilege.

    My encounter with Len Wein’s storytelling was very specific and brief compared to his vast body of work; but it was no less meaningful.

    Wein was my caretaker into the world of The Uncanny X-men. He and Dave Cockrum sparked my imagination and drove me to put pen to paper. Wein’s stories made me want to tell stories and Cockrum’s artwork inspired me to render them into being. I shudder to think where I would be if someone of lesser talent and care had been behind the revitalization of the X-men.

    Wein and Cockrum’s introduction of these news characters ushered in what I call the Golden age of the X-men

    Of course Lein Wein had done and would do more than just inspire nuckleheads like me.

    Since the 70’s Wein was cranking out work for big company’s like DC and Comico Comics; and then later, Marvel Comics. Titles like:

    Action Comics, Adventure Comics, Batman, Blue Beetle, DC Comics Presents, DC Universe: Legacies, Detective Comics, Korak, Son of Tarzan, Phantom Stranger, Star Trek, Superman, Swamp Thing, The Flash, Green Lantern The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Marvel Comics Presents, Marvel Team-Up, Power Man, Strange Tales, Thor, Ultraforce, Western Gunfighters, Daredevil, The Defenders, Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, Weird War Tales, Weird Worlds, Wonder Woman, World’s Finest Comics, Defiant Comics, Dark Dominion, Warriors of Plasm, Justice League of America and many many more.

    He was also an editor, he edited for Disney Comics, Marvel, and DC.  He was editor of the Watchmen series done by the (infamous | revered) writer Alan Moore, arguably the most important comic produced that decade.

    Not content to being bound with a single medium Wein also scripted stories for animated series like:
    Batman: The Animated Series, Iron Man, and Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

    And he created…sweet jumpin moses, something almost foreign in this era of regurgitation and remake mania.

    Len Wein created/co-created:

    Anton Arcane, Arisia Rrab, Amadeus Arkham, Aurakles, Baron Samedi, Blackbriar Thorn, Ulysses Bloodstone, Brain-Child, Brimstone, Brother Voodoo, Bulldozer, Matthew Cable, Carapax, Cheetah, Clayface, Constrictor, Copperhead, Cottonmouth (Cornell Cottonmouth),Demolition Team, Jonny Double, Dragonfly (Marvel Comics), Equinox, Fadeaway Man, Firebug (comics), Freedom Fighters, Gazelle, Golem, Guardsman, Gunfire, Hammer and Anvil, Abby Holland, Human Fly, Human Target, Injustice Gang, Jigsaw, Kismet, André LeBlanc,Libra, Anthony Lupus,Jamie Madrox, Mirage, Mongul, Moondark, Nebula Man, Nebulon, Nekron, Orb, Overthrow, Papa Jambo, Papa Legba, Patchwork Man, Piledriver (comics), Prometheus, Red Star, Reptilla, Rocket Racer,Nicholas Scratch, Steeplejack, Stegron, Thunderball, Thunderbird, Un-Men,Vertigo (Salem’s Seven), Amanda Waller, Will o’ the Wisp, Wrecking Crew

    Swamp Thing





    Mike drop.

    Rest in peace good man, if there ever was anyone on this planet who earned it, it was you.

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