Lauren Southern’s Documentary ‘Farmlands’ Sheds Light On A Subject Many Want To Remain In The Dark

    In the post-Apartheid era of South Africa, white farmers are the victims of state-sponsored murder as it seeks to take the lands from them without compensation. The attacks are brutal and sadistic, with tales of dismemberment, torture and babies being burned alive.

    Lauren Southern takes us straight to the people who are experiencing something that no human being should ever experience. It’s extremely disturbing to know that there are many people out there who coldly believe that what is going on with the South African farmers is ‘what they deserve’ but we must acknowledge the evil in this world if we are going to defeat it.

    What is clear from the documentary is that these people live in fear. One of the most disturbing parts was the tales told by the Blood Sisters,  an organization that goes in to clean up crime scenes. The woman interviewed was terrified to speak on the record about the true motivation behind the attacks that they respond to. This was a running theme…men and woman afraid to speak the whole truth for fear of reprisal from the South African government or others who would prefer they keep their mouths shut.

    With almost 50% percent of the population unemployed it is tempting to believe that all the violence is rooted in desperation and disenchantment as the government would have us believe.  But groups like BLF reveal that there is most certainly a darker, racial undertone to these heinous acts. They do not seem to have any qualms or fear about telling the truth that they are at war, and make no bones about the fact that their aim is to take everything from the white farmers…by any means necessary.

    What’s happening in South Africa is what happens when you adopt an ideology of hate.

    What’s happening in South Africa is what happens when you do not learn from the lessons of the past.

    What is happening in South Africa is what will happen, here, in the USA if we do not win the Culture War against the radical left…or what is increasingly becoming simply…the left.

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