Latest Red Sonja Adaptation Finds A Writer

    Millennium Films, hoping to cash in on the girrrrl power trend and uber female representation movements is fast-tracking the production of Red Sonja. They have awarded Ashley Edward Miller the honors of bringing dialogue and (a plot) to the sword-wielding ginger as she readies herself for another feature film.  Miller has been a writer on Thor (2011), X-Men: First Class(2011), Fringe and Andromeda. He is writing the screenplay for the adaptation no one wants to see Big Trouble in Little China –it’s going to suck big time…morons! Ahem, excuse me…and has been a producer on Black Sails and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    Here’s what Miller had to say about his Red Sonja involvement:

    “It’s an exciting opportunity to faithfully adapt the amazing Hyborean world Robert E. Howard created, and inject it with Sonja’s intelligence, ferocity, and fearless humanity,” he said. “I want people to love Sonja the way I love her, and walk out of the theater understanding why she’s so popular and enduring. Sonja is an icon.”

    To be completely honest I actually like a lot of the stuff he’s been attached to. Whether or not this is a result of Miller or the fact that he just happened to be around at the right time I can’t say for sure..but the evidence is leaning towards him actually having something resembling taste…and talent?? However, I am not optimistic about the type of agenda the studios are likely to attach to this film. I can already feel the cringe growing. Frankly, I don’t know if it will be safe to watch a female action film again…at least not until this culture war is over…and we are the victors.

    Source: Deadline

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