In December, Kevin Feige, head honcho of Marvel Studios, first announced plans for a series based on Marvel’s Secret Invasion comic book storyline. During the promotional tour for the upcoming superhero limited series WandaVision, Feige revealed more details about the project.

First published in 2008, Secret Invasion tells a story about shape-shifting aliens called Skrulls who pose as Avengers in an attempt to take over Earth. Skrulls are officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since they appeared in the 2019 film, Captain Marvel. Feige warned the TV series won’t be as ambitious in scope as the comic book version. Instead, he described the show as “a showcase for Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn and tapping into the paranoia elements of the Secret Invasion.” In the movies, Jackson portrays Nick Fury, an operative of the secret organization S.H.I.E.L.D. Meanwhile, Mendelsohn – a current go-to guy in Hollywood for playing buttoned-up corporate villains – subverted the audience’s expectations as Talos, a Skrull leader who teams up with Fury.

Over the last week or so, Feige discussed other projects as well. He talked about incorporating Deadpool films in MCU, promising fans that the foul-mouthed, fourth-wall-breaking superhero would remain R-rated. Feige also assured the fans future MCU releases remain on schedule – as much as humanly possible, considering the pandemic. Black Widow will start Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on May 7, 2021.