Keri Russell Looking To Star In Guillermo del Toro Produced Supernatural Thriller ‘Antlers’

    Keri Russell (Dark Skies (2013), The Americans) is in talks with writer, director Guillermo del Toro, Miles Dale, David Goyer, and Fox Searchlight Pictures to star in a supernatural thriller he is producing entitled ‘Antlers’.  The script was written by Nick Antosca and Henry Chaisson. Scott Cooper (Black Mass (2015), Hostiles (2017))

    They are hoping to begin shooting in the fall to give her time to join production in the upcoming Star Wars film, Episode IX.


    “A teacher takes interest in a mysterious and withdrawn student, Only too late does she discover that the boy is harboring a deadly secret that is key to their town’s survival.”

    Bow before your dark queen!

    Toruk’s take:

    Keri Russell is definitely a looker but she has those cold, dead eyes that makes her ideal for subject matter that entails the supernatural. I liked her in Dark Skies (2013) but I don’t think anyone is tapping into her beguiling appearance. She’s the kind of actress who would be perfect for a film like The Guardian (1990) in the role of the evil Druid nanny. She would be great as an evil Elf Queen or Princess. I can see her decked out in some skimpy S&M garb as she slinks down on a throne with one leg lazily straddling the arm rest. Someone really needs to get on these projects as she isn’t getting any younger.

    As for this project, anything associated with  Guillermo del Toro and David Goyer makes me nervous. del Toro has been more miss for me than hit lately and Goyer…well, Goyer is just plain trash.


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