JOSIE Official Trailer

    Sophie Turner Game of Thrones and Dylan McDermott Olympus Has Fallen (2013) star in the movie Josie (formerly titled Huntsville) where a small town loner named Hank (McDermott) develops a relationship with a newcomer named Josie (Turner). The film is directed Eric England Contracted (2013) and written by Anthony Ragnone II.

    I don’t know…feels like Sophie is trying way too hard to be ‘seductive’ and ‘edgy’. And poor Dylan McDermott walks around like he has a bad case of shingles.

    It also amazes me that a place that claims to be horrified at the idea of women being viewed as ‘objects’ would still make a movie where a sexed-up teenager is flirting around with a grown up. Will we hear ten years from now from Sophie on how horrible she was treated on set and how she was ‘made’ to do the things she will do in this film?  They’re like moths to the flame, they really can’t help themselves.

    Josie starring Sophie Turner and Dylan McDermott opens in theaters March 16th.


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