John Wick 4 Is In The Works

    Lionsgate has decided to add another John Wick flick to the mix with the next one set for release May 21, 2021

    Regarding John Wick 3…

    I thought the first act was very, very good. The fight scenes felt fresh, the visuals were exciting, the dialogue seemed to flow much, much better than John Wick 2..which I thought was awful…sorry John Wick fans. Truly a stellar first act.

    The second act from the point where he meets up with Halle Berry and the moment she departs I thought was…’okay’. I like looking at Halle Berry but I don’t really like Halle Berry. Her acting is B- level at best but I thought she handled the action pretty well, in fact, I thought they should’ve pushed her fighting a little more, give her some blades and increase her level of hand-to-hand; the shooting was getting a little repetitive…more on this later. The dogs were another problem. While I love watching pooches chew on crotches and perform tricks as much as the next guy I found the notion that these dogs could participate in several extreme gun fights and not get blown to smithereens highly implausible. A gimmick pushed too far.

    This leaves us with the third act. Where everything falls apart. Here the action quite simply becomes a bore. Monotonous and dull. Having John fight two guys who were essentially fanboys was dumb and robbed the fight of any suspense or tension. I get that Keanu is a big mark for martial arts guys but do that crap on your own time, Keanu. The adjudicator was probably one of the most annoying characters in the movie, I kept waiting for a bullet to find her head but sadly it never came.

    I hope they can iron out some of these problems in the next one because it’s only going to be more difficult to come up with fresh and interesting action from here on out. As it stands, I think I will probably be waiting for the next film to hit streaming as opposed to the theater.

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