John Carpenter Might Dust Off His Directing Lens

    It’s been eight years since John Carpenter has directed a horror movie.  That film, The Ward (2010) starring Johnny Depp’s former squeeze (and dog smuggler) Amber Heard, opened to generally unfavorable reviews. Carpenter however, may have some horror left in him yet, Geekyrant reports that during a recent appearance on Mick Garris’s podcast the Post Mortem he was asked by Garris if he was interested in directing again:

    “Sure, if it’s right. Maybe. [I’m] working on a couple ideas.”

    Carpenter has spent most of 2016-2017 on a music tour and his directorial expertise has been relegated to music videos such as “Distant Dream”, “Escape from New York”, and “Christine”. His next directing gig, while not a film, is said to be an episode from a new Syfy TV series adapted from his anthology “John Carpenter’s Tales For A Halloween Night” which featured short stories from authors like Sandy King, Trent Olsen, and James Ninness.

    It would be nice to see Carpenter knock one out of the park again. Sometimes the best thing for creativity is to step back and do something else for awhile. A story or idea should evolve organically and at its own pace. It’s my theory that is one of the reasons so much that is produced out of Hollywood is doggy doodoo. So, whenever you’re ready John, I’ll give your next project a proper shot and regardless of the outcome you’ve had a great run so thanks for all the scares!

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