Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker Trailer

    A few days ago we reported on a released photo of Joaquin Phoenix in character for the upcoming Joker film by Todd Phillips. In the photo, Phoenix was portraying a character in the film called “Arthur Fleck” the name given to the individual who would go on to become “The Joker”.

    Now, a new trailer has been released showing Phoenix dressed up to resemble the more recognizable Clown Prince of Crime. The 45 second clip displays a visual morphing of Phoenix from Arthur Fleck to The Joker:


    Toruk's Take

    It’s always interesting to watch the ebbs and flows of Geekdom. A lot of geeks are beginning to warm up to the project. My feelings remain the same…apathy. I think it is a testament to the popularity and love the fans have for characters like Joker and Batman that geeks will just about rally around anything that involves them. Time will tell whether or not they are rewarded for such diehard dedication…or punished.

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