Jim Jefferies’ Duplicity Exposed

    When Jim Jefferies interviewed Richard C. Meyer for a segment on his Comedy Central show, Richard relayed on his own channel that the result was a major league hit piece. He indicated that Jefferies cherry picked his answers to various questions about the comicsgate movement in order to make him look bad. While there was no direct proof of this those who followed Meyers and knew him to be a honorable man believed that this was indeed the case.

    Call it a leap of faith.

    Jewish activist Avi Yemini, an outspoken critic of radical Islam, suspected that he too would be subjected to similar deceptive editing but he was going to have none of it. Armed with a secret camera, Yemini went ahead with the interview and when the resulting show came out as he suspected it would he had over an hours worth of evidence to set the record straight.

    The hidden video reveals the more than disingenuous Jefferies joking about dingoes eating Muslim children, drawing pictures of their prophet Mohammed, denigrating the Muslim faith and admitting that anything deemed improprietous would be edited out by his team. In addition to all this, Jefferies, much like he did with Richard Meyer, chopped up Yemeni’s answers in order to make him look bad.

    Yemini said who would begin releasing segments of his recording to the public and called out Jefferies on Twitter, who has been conspicuously quiet since the bombshell release.

    Yemini has also called for Comedy Central to fire the comedian.

    Source Bounding Into Comics

    Avi Yemini video exposing Jefferies:

    Diversity and Comix (Richard Meyer) Hit Piece

    There’s only one thing worse than a ‘woke’ individual…a fake woke individual who helps spread a despicable ideology that’s destructive to society in order to line his pockets. To quote the great Ellen Ripley:

    You don’t see them f*****g each other over for a goddamn percentage

    I hope the radical Islamist pay you a visit Jimbo…you earned it.

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