Jared Leto In Talks For Serial Killer Role

    Jared Leto just might be a serial killer. Well, at least if he gets his way.

    The musician and Suicide Squad star is currently in talks to join Denzel Washington and Rami Malek in Little Things, a crime thriller.

    The plot revolves around Deke (Washington), a burned-out deputy sheriff in Kern County, California who joins up with Baxter (Malek), a crack LA County Sheriff’s Department detective, in an attempt to catch a serial killer.

    The movie will be written and directed by The Blind Side filmmaker, John Lee Hancock.

    Leto has played in some rather outlandish roles including Suicide Squad‘s Joker. He has also just finished production with Sony on the upcoming Morbius film based on the Marvel character. Additionally, he has held roles in Blade Runner 2049 as well as The Outsider on Netflix. With his recent acting experience, this role may be right up his alley.

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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