ISABELLE Official Trailer (2019)

    Directed by Robert Heydon, with a screenplay by Donald Martin, Isabelle is a horror movie about a young couple who moved next door…to the wrong neighbor.


    “A young couple’s dream of starting a family shatters as they descend into the depths of paranoia and must struggle to survive an evil presence that wants nothing more than their very own lives.”

    Let’s take a look:

    “Welcome to the neighborhood.”

    Toruk's Take

    This is definitely low-budget fair at its most...mediocre. I've seen far, far worse, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive for better, n'est-ce pas? The glowy red eyes are the most problematic. Mike Flanagan does good scary eyes, these eyes aren't scary...they're perplexing. The gal looks like she's about to discharge optic blasts like Cyclops.

    I am curious to know what crawled up Isabelle's backside to have her go after this woman. But not so much that I'd be willing to sit through this mess. I'll wait for the plot to be posted on Wikipedia...if it ever makes it there.

    One of the great things about horror movies is that you can pull off a great one with a very low-budget...if you're talented. Horror happens to also be the hardest genre to get right.

    Back to the drawing board Mr. Heydon.

    Isabelle starring Amanda Crew, Adam Brody and Zoë Belkin is scheduled for release sometime in 2019.

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