Is the war on terrorism winnable?

    If person A and person B are murdered in the same way but person A’s murderer screams “Allahu Akbar!” then the charge becomes Terrorism. Who does this line of thought benefit? Was person B’s killers’s act any less terroristic then that of the radical?

    I believe both are equally heinous and each deserves equality in repercussions. The religous aspect is what pushes this line of thinking through the roof and off into la la land. To think you can prevent “terrorism”  by focusing on a religion or ideology because they call the crime terrorism is crazy talk. It is no wonder that this pattern has not only not worked, but has been made worse due to the ignorance of the idea in itself.

    I’ve heard that tracking people with Muslim beliefs is the only way to catch those who commit crimes in the name of Allah , however i’ve also seen the wave of radicals spread further an faster than ever before.

    Where does this end?

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